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If you are going to make a donation, you might be wondering how your donation will be used.


There are two main areas where funds are needed:



1.  The Stacey Burns’ Children’s Educational Fund.


2.  General Expenses associated with Stacey’s Childrens   Well-Being.



The Burns’ children’s educational fund is an official educational trust fund with Stacey’s mother and personal attorney serving as trustees.  Due to rules established by the trust, any money put in this fund must be used for educational purposes.   This fund was set up soon after Stacey’s death due to an outpouring of friends and family who wanted to help her children financially. Money that is deposited into this account is for her five children’s future as all have educational goals and will have the opportunity to attend college. Due to Stacey and Ed’s divorce (just prior to her death), as well as Ed’s financial status, the "Keane Family" felt it was important to offer educational opportunities to these wonderful children.


There is also a need for "general expense" monies associated with raising five children. The children’s father, although working presently, did not work for several years prior to their divorce, and is not in good financial standing. Our (Keane) family, and many wonderful friends, as well as other generous souls, have stepped in financially since this tragedy occurred to keep Stacey’s children afloat. However, the children all have extra-curricular activities and sports that they like to take part in, attend summer camps, have clothing and supply needs, etc. which adds up to thousands of dollars each year.


The children have had so many changes in their lives that our family felt that it was very important to provide some normalcy for them, by keeping them in all the activities that Stacey had them in prior to her death. Our family is doing all we can from a financial standpoint to provide for these wonderful children, but there is still a great financial need. We, along with the help of Stacey’s dear friends, are addressing this need by having an annual golf tournament (currently held in Wolfeboro, NH in the fall) as our main fundraiser to assist with the children’s general expenses. Others have stepped forward in an effort to be a part of raising funds for the children in order to help our cause.


We, as a family, are not comfortable asking for anything, especially money, as we understand that all people have their own ongoing financial obligations especially during these tough economic times. However, we are guided by our desire for these amazing children to have as "normal" a life as possible, which is what their mother would have wanted. I wish that you could know Stacey’s children as we do. If you did, you would want to do anything that you could to make them happy. These children deserve that. Any gift, no matter how small, will be of great assistance. I would like to extend a big, heartfelt thank you to all of you for considering making a donation to this wonderful cause.


May God Bless You All.

The Burns Children's Education Fund / Expenses Fund