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                                                                October 22, 2010



Sometimes it hits me (what am I doing?) when trying to find words to express to people who visit this website, all the complexities of what the loss of my sister means. And then I think, "I have NO shot at truly explaining this whatsoever!" The complexity of this situation is far beyond my ability to express or explain it.  Her loss and subsequent murder investigation is only one element of this terrible situation.  Believe it or not, almost every day since Stacey’s murder, our family has had to concern ourselves with complex elements that surround her case.  Some of which I can attempt to explain, and others I cannot.


Stacey was taken from us on Mother’s Day 2009.  An unknown assailant entered her home and committed murder.  No one has been arrested for this heinous crime (yet)!  We pray that law enforcement is doing all that they can to bring this animal to justice.


Our mission here is to focus on Stacey's life and not her death.

I would like to share with you a little bit about where Stacey came from and what values were instilled in us.  We have always been a very close family, my mother made sure of that!   As I have gotten older, I have realized that that is not always the case for every family.  I have been blessed with two great parents and two great sisters.  I have always felt privileged to be my sisters’ older brother.  Stacey and I have always had an extra special bond due to the proximity of our ages.  But, it was so much more than that!  Anyone that knows us knows that to be true.  I'm so proud of the person that she became, as well as the mother that she was.  She lived for her kids and protected them more than they will ever know.


Stacey had a life force stronger than anyone I have ever known. Just ask anyone who knew her and they will know what I am talking about.  Unfortunately, someone selfishly took her away from us and her children.  However, this person’s day is coming in this world and the next.


Sometimes your life changes forever in the blink of an eye.  For me, that occurred when I received a call from my mother and sister on Mother’s Day morning 2009.  The absolute hysteria I heard in their cries as they began their race up to Wolfeboro, NH, will always haunt me. There is no way to comprehend the pain in their voices.  It’s obvious that things will never be the same ever again for our family.  The weeks that followed Stacey’s death are a blur, as there was so much that needed to be addressed and taken care of.  I was immediately reminded of the strength that my mother possesses, and has always possessed.  The inner strength of the women in my life is truly awesome and inspiring.  I continue to be inspired by them to this very day! 


We, as a family, are still struggling with coming to terms with Stacey’s death, and are trying to navigate through this tragedy the best way that we can.  Our family is eternally grateful for the outpouring of support that we have received from our family and dear friends following the loss of our Dear Stacey.  We do not feel that there is an adequate way to express our deep gratitude, but consider ourselves very fortunate and thankful for the support that our family has received.  It is beyond measure.  This website was created as a way for all of us to remember Stacey, and what her time meant to us while she was on this Earth.  We hope that you will find some meaning in it as well.


Thank you for visiting Stacey’s website.






Michael F. Keane


A message from Michael Keane regarding the 2nd anniversary of Stacey's murder. (dated: May 3, 2011)

Mother’s Day 2011 marks the 2nd anniversary date of my sister’s murder.  An “as yet unsolved” murder that haunts our family every single day.  I miss my sister very, very much, as do all of our family and friends.  It strikes me that I cherish the fact that my mother is still here on this Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, Stacey’s children will not be able to celebrate this holiday ever again.  Of course, they can celebrate the wonderful, exemplary mother that she was.  And, I am thankful for that.

Stacey’s children have had a rough go of it, but seem to be adapting to their new life.  They are all enjoying their new school and are making new friends.  Stacey’s oldest child will be graduating this June and will be attending college this fall.  Stacey’s oldest daughter, a voracious reader, is looking forward to the summer and attending camp again this year.  Stacey’s middle child is doing well, looking forward to attending middle school next year and is also looking forward to attending camp this summer.  Stacey’s twins are also enjoying their new school and will be playing softball this summer.  They are truly the most wonderful, strong, resilient children that I know and I am so proud of them. My mother and sister see them as much as they are allowed to.  They truly cherish each visit with Stacey’s children.  My wife and I make visits to the area to see our family and Stacey’s children quarterly and wish it could be more.    

I would like to take a moment to thank the lead Investigator on Stacey’s case, Steve Rowland, with the New Hampshire State Police.  I speak to Steve regularly and know that he and his team are working hard to bring Stacey’s murderer to justice.  We feel blessed to have been assigned a seasoned investigator who has kept this case moving when some others seem to have lost the stomach for a tough case.  I believe that the hard work he and others have put in will eventually lead to an arrest and conviction in my sister’s murder.  We pray every day for that day to come very, very soon. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, I choose to focus on the good memories that are so prevalent when thinking of Stacey.  Here are a few that come to mind: how she crashed  my bachelor party on Block Island, because she didn’t want to miss out on a good time; how we told everyone in college that we were twins, and how some still believe that to this day; I remember her holding her son as a baby in the sun porch of her first home in Natick; I remember how much she loved her little Ford Fiesta and how I dreamed of buying her a convertible when I had enough money; how she used to decorate her van on all holidays – no matter how small…

I choose to remember the good things this Mother’s Day.  I encourage you all to do the same!  She would want you to. 

God bless you all and thank you for your continued support.  It means more to our family thank you will ever know.        


Michael Keane