The Stacey Keane Burns

Memorial Website

Our beloved Stacey rests in peace next to her Father at St. Patrick's Cemetery in Natick, Massachusetts.  She is surrounded by her loving family and many loving friends who continue to visit her resting place and honor her memory.

This extraordinary poem was created by two young women who knew Stacey as well as anyone: Brittany Tufts and Mollie Hart. They crafted this beautiful poem in the days following Stacey’s death and were very familiar with her daily routine. Both of these young ladies baby-sat for Stacey and became a part of the children’s lives. To call them "sitters" does not begin to describe the close relationship that they shared (and continue to share with Stacey’s children). This poem is very special to our family and provides an intimate glimpse into Stacey’s life. Thank you always to Brittany and Mollie for creating this beautiful gift honoring Stacey."