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Updated: January 14, 2011


For Immediate Release:


We have tried to focus this website on Stacey’s life and not her death. However, we realize that there is a murder investigation underway and that there is a certain amount of curiosity about how things are progressing.

It’s not hard to imagine why Stacey’s murder has generated interest by the media. As a family, we have chosen to stay relatively quiet and are focusing on Stacey’s children’s well being. We are doing many things behind the scenes in the hopes of promoting some healing for them. Having said that we have quietly been cooperating with the ABC program, 20/20 that is producing a long piece on Stacey’s life and story. It will be airing on Friday, January 21, 2011.

The story of how Stacey’s family and friends came to participate in this piece and why we allowed 20/20 into our lives is a story worth telling. Soon after the one year anniversary of Stacey’s murder, I received calls from representatives from 20/20 as well as Dateline; both within 24 hours of each other. I was horrified by the idea of taking part in a piece on Stacey’s case, but was not surprised by the interest her story has generated. Unfortunately, it’s just the world we all live in today. After speaking to both producers at length, it became clear to me that 20/20 would build a story not just about Stacey’s case but her life and who Stacey was as a person. I was told by both producers that only one news organization would do the piece on Stacey, but that it was up to me to decide. I then spoke to my family, who ultimately decided that they did not want to be involved. However, my family thought that since the piece would be done regardless, that I should help guide them, so as to try and ensure that an accurate portrayal of my sister’s life and story would be told. So, that is what I have tried to do throughout this process.

I just want to indicate that I would never have agreed to participate in this process, if I had ever felt like they were trying to sensationalize or manipulate this horrible chain of events. The people at 20/20 have been above reproach in my dealings with them throughout this process. In particular, Brooke S., one of the producers of this piece, has been so wonderful and caring that I have always felt Stacey’s blessing since the day Brooke became involved. I believe that I can speak for Brooke when I say that Stacey’s murder has affected her deeply. Brooke and her colleagues have worked diligently over the last several months in trying to understand the many complexities of Stacey’s story as well as telling it with accuracy and heart. I hope and pray that they have accomplished this difficult task as well as honoring my sister appropriately.

So, I am sure you are all wondering why we have decided to allow ABC’s 20/20 into our lives in telling this heartbreaking story. There are four primary reasons why we have cooperated with 20/20:

  1. To keep the investigation moving and to keep pressure on the New Hampshire State Police. Let’s face it, New Hampshire is a small state with very limited resources, and has a less than stellar reputation for catching murderers. We have no way of knowing if they are doing all that they can, because they don’t tell us everything. However, having a major news organization like 20/20 looking over their shoulder can’t hurt. 20/20 also hired their own experts and investigated this case as well.
  2. To raise funds for Stacey’s children. We want to provide every opportunity possible for these 5 wonderful children to live as normal a life as possible, and attend college and pursue other educational goals if they so choose. A trust has been established accordingly and it is a joy for us to fundraise on their behalf.
  3. To continue to put pressure on the monster who committed this heinous crime. We continue to hope that someone will come forward and confess to this crime. We also hope that there might be someone who is currently protecting the murderer that will come forward and share anything that they might know. We are hoping that the attention generated from the 20/20 broadcast will cause this person to rethink their position and come forward. Stacey deserves this much, so do her children and family, and her killer should not be allowed to walk the streets to prey on other women and commit this type of violent act again. When a loved one is murdered, there are many casualties resulting from this singular act. It affects many, many people, who will never, ever, be the same. Please don’t let this person continue to be free to commit such an act again.
  4. To keep Stacey’s memory fresh in all of our minds. We love her and miss her every day. Her spirit was so vivid that even though there is immeasurable pain, thinking of Stacey still makes anyone who loved her smile. And everyone needs to smile. So, when you think of Stacey, smile, she would want you to.

I would like to thank all of Stacey’s friends who have helped with the difficult challenge of taking part in the 20/20 piece. Our family is aware that they did so, knowing that my sister’s murderer is still at large and most likely walking the streets of Wolfeboro. We are forever grateful to Stacey’s dear friends for taking part in this piece and trying to explain what a wonderful, exemplary person she was. She was the type of person who exuded joy continuously; not only during holidays and special events but in everyday life. I hope that the piece will show that.

I don’t know if taking part in this piece is a good thing or not. Perhaps, it can help catch a killer. Perhaps, it can assist others (who find themselves in a similar situation) understand the signs of obsession and seek help. Perhaps, it can help Stacey’s case. Perhaps, it can help all of this in some way. Maybe it won’t do any of these things. But, it seems that doing nothing is the worst thing of all. Please continue to pray for our family and especially Stacey’s children as we live through this horribly difficult time. Thank you and God Bless.

Kindest Regards,


Michael Keane

(Stacey’s brother)




New Hampshire State Police

Department of Investigations


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