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Updated:  August 30, 2011

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"My Cousin!!" most people that is a description that you give a relative.To me they are the 2 words I would give anything to hear right now from "My cousin Stacey, you see that is what she called me...not Suzanne...."my cousin" in that high pitched oh my God so glad to hear you voice or see lifted me up so many times from so many different frames of mind that I would save so many

messages from her just to hear those 2 words.

I know most of you know what I mean because she had the same type of phrase for all she loved....My Mama...My sista!!!!.my brother


But when she referred to "My out because nothing in the world lifted her up or lit her face up more. She lived for her babies..she was at her best when surrounded by them, no matter what the chaos of the day was going to involve, she thrived on it...and we will always make sure that she lives on in her babies hearts and lives forever..

because that is our only salvation of moving

forward from this horrific tragedy.


But talking about her now should not be about the horror of her death but the intense way she dove into life...we all could learn from her, for if we could all look at life through her eyes, imagine what a wonderful world we would live in...she saw no evil, no sadness no despair that she couldn't attempt to fix...her favorite phrase was "but we love each other, whether trying to stop the kids from fighting with each other or just trying to figure out how something could possibly go so wrong if this was the phrase we all live by...


I had the horror ooops I mean pleasure to live the life of Stacey..alone I might add, well plus my 2 kids for 2 or 3 days when she went to Natick to be with her sister Kelly to see her niece Halle baby be born, let me tell you it was no easy task...there must have been a dozen times during the first few hours that I was sure I forgot or lost a Burns kid matter how many times I called her in a panic, she just laughed and said "Don't worry everyone knows they are mine if you lose one someone will bring them back to you" She must have warned them that she wasn't around and she left her babies to a nut like me.


I can tell you though that there isn't a person alive that could pull off her life with such finesse, such ease, such pleasure...and never miss a beat..we will all try to keep that alive in her kids but even with the hundreds of us attempting to give her Babies what she did, we will never ever come close to it...always with her beautiful smile that lit up a room..I am going to keep that smile and her infectious laughter in my heart to keep me moving forward to end of this nightmare and hopefully, just hopefully when it is over i can sit quietly somewhere and hopefully hear those 2 words "MY COUSIN" whispered to me from her and know that she is finally at peace., and so will we all be......


I will love you and cherish you with all of my heart...I will not say goodbye, but love you to the sky and until we meet again....My cousin!!!!!


Created by Stacey's Loving Cousin - Suzanne MacDonald 

Sent - December 2010

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne MacDonald -December 2010

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne MacDonald -December 2010

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne MacDonald -December 2010

Photo Courtesy of Suzanne MacDonald -December 2010

This statement in sand created by Stacey's daughters-Maddy and Morgan.

Photos within the album above,

courtesy:  Bonnie Zonghi 

Added:  May 19, 2011, May 23, 2011, & June 22, 2011

Photos in the album above, courtesy:  Paula Walsh

Added:  August 30, 2011